Champion Cameo Taken Bi Surprise
Ch Cameo Total Eclispe x Cameo White Minx
1/86 to 7/97


All the dogs are special in their own way, but Ashley will always be my special dog. Ashley brought so much into my life. She was a lovely bitch of exceptional quality. She had a gorgeous front, and extended side gait. Her head was detailed, lean & smooth as glass -  and improved as she aged. I think she was most awesome at the age of 9. Every year, I thought "this is it, She's ready". But the following year she'd be even better. But, her quality aside, Ashley was a teacher. She taught me the ins and out of the dog shows. That I should be patient, and wait for a dog to mature. To be humble, as a biblack presents its own challenges in sable country. To persevere, and have faith in my dog. All her points were owner handled except the first 3. Though we went to a lot of shows, with each one we learned to analyze our losses and our wins, study judges, and perfect our presentation.
Most of all, she introduced me to a world of good friends, especially Marilyn Marlow, Rick Thompson, Anne Laney, and Trisha Dowling.
Cancer stole Ashley away too young, but she is here in every dog today that carries the Echowyn prefix.


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