Just for Fun.......
Nicholas at our very first match
Our first  match.  My first grooming table (Deluxe model with a 4-speed and a sunroof!)
Belle and Nicholas in position
How about a snack while you're up?
Steph, age 6 with Sabrina and Bingo
Stephanie, Sabrina, & Bingo
Krys and friends at the computer - Where else?
Krys with Face and Sabrina at our usual hangout
Halloween 2000. Steph the cowgirl and Mason the SantaPaws
Halloween 2000. Trick or treat!
Sabrina, the unhappy witch!I'm going to cast a spell on YOU, if you don't remove this costume, NOW!
A hard day's work while mom slaves at the home office
Smokey, doing what cats do best.
This is Smokey.Self appointed superior being of Messer household, and puppy socializer (really!)

Kizzy shows Steph how it is done

You have to be "agile" to even get around in the kitchen

Kizzy teaches Steph to do the tunnel

Kizzy says " Come on, Steph! You can do it!"

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