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Echowyn Lullaby

Cybil whelped 8 puppies on June 24, 2001. I flew out to Iowa and brought back these two darlings. Only one will stay here, but its soooooo hard to choose.

tri bitch at 10 1/2 weeks
10 1/2 weeks

10 1/2 weeks
Ten week critique
Smaller bitch, better finish of underjaw, longer muzzle, cleaner wedge, eye can appear somewhat larger or very sweet(!), better coming in, shade less neck, balanced side gait, good going away, less assertive (but a real kissy-face!), good shoulders, chest, strong back, slightly flatter croup & therefore higher tailset, nice short hocks.
Slightly larger bitch (1/4 inch), a hair more bone, fuller muzzle, blunter wedge,eye good - one brown/one blue, front legs not as straight so a bit easty-westy coming in, good side gait with good rear extension, good shoulders, more neck(uses it better), strong back, good tail set, more drive in rear, nice short hocks, assertive temperment.

10 1/2 weeks

10 1/2 weeks
tri girl 10 1/2 weeks
blu girl 10 1/2 weeks
tri girl 10 1/2 weeks

See how these girls have grown!

Tri girl Kizzy at 6 months.  Blue girl Breezy at 6 months

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