Ch Echowyn Boy's Night Out
Ch Shadow Hills Rio Grande, ROM x A/C Ch Skyward Echowyn Mystique

Rascal is always ready for a good time and tries hard to live up to his name.

This little boy has charm and good looks. His first three weekends out, he picked up 3 RWD from the 6-9 class &  captured his first points from the 9-12 class, including a 5 pt. specialty major.

His favorite past times include shagging fly balls during softball practice, herding the big ball around the yard, enticing kennel mates to a game of tag, tug-o-war, and settling down with a good rawhide.

Rascal has a lean head, lovely shoulder, and an outstanding attitude.

We're having fun with this boy!

New Champion - November 20, 2005
10th champion for his sire!

Rascal's record:
RWD from 6-9 - Danville KC under Patricia Hess
RWD from 6-9 - Tidewater SSC under Shelby Price
RWD from 6-9 - Hanover KC under Nan Bodine
Best in Sweeps - SSC of Greater Birmingham under Phil Chandler
WD, 1 pt - Charleston KC under June Penta (9-12)
*Major* WD,BOS 5pts - SSC of Spartanburg under Randy Sheets (9-12)
RWD from 9-12 - Henderson KC under Carol Chapman
WD 2 pts from Open - Fayetteville KC under Donna Buxton
WD,BOS 2pts from Open - Carolina KC under judge Jean Fournier
WD,BW,BOS 1pt from Open - Salisbury KC under judge Dorothy Martin
*Major* WD,BW 3pts - Gloucester KC under judge Corky Gauger
WD, 1 pt to finish - Fayetteville KC under judge Shirley Uphouse



                           Can Ch Alfenloch Rio Lane Glacier
                     CH Kencherrys Black Paul
                 Kencherry's Midnight Black Dia

       CH Shadow Hill's Rio Grande, ROM
                                         CH Lacycreek Monterey Jack
                                 Beech Tree Sinvar Theo's Thora

CH Echowyn Boy's Night Out
                                          Can Ch Sanchar Glamoor VIP
                    A/C CH Glamoor's Capture The Image, ROMC

                                       Can Ch Act I Catch My Spirit
        A/C CH Skyward Echowyn Mystique
                                    CH Skyward Unique Physique
                         Tall Timbers Just One Look
                        Andante Keeper Of The Flame




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